Water Filters For Your Drinking Water Quality in Chandler

chandler-water-filterMost homeowners think about adding a water filtration system to their home when they’ve tasted chlorine, smelled something bad, or seen objects floating in their water. There are a lot of other substances that can’t be detected that are also extremely harmful if digested.

When someone asks you, is your water safe to drink? We generally answer according to whether or not we feel it is instead of really knowing the answer for sure.

Every water company will provide customers with an annual water quality report. However, just because the water coming from the supplier may be qualified as drinkable, doesn’t mean the water coming out of your faucet consists of the same materials.

Any break in the line, hairline crack, issues with the plumbing system such as back-flow problems, or other problems with the pipes can allow bad things to come from your faucets. That’s why you should test the water directly flowing from the faucets if you want to know for sure.

Most people don’t know that they can easily have their faucet water tested. There are several do it yourself test kits you can buy or to get the best results, collect the water from at least two faucets and take it to a laboratory to get tested.

Labs are generally easy to find, just do an internet search or use the phone book if you prefer. Nearly every private laboratory will test just about anything you want, including blood tests, etc., but some specialize in water quality.

Be sure to find out how to properly collect the water, just call the lab first for advice. You will need to use a container that is sterile so nothing but the water can be blamed as the source of contamination.

If you have a well as a water source, you should test the water monthly. Wells can cave in or easily get contaminants, which is why it’s important to use a filtration system if you are planning to drink well water.

Even if the water from the well is clean, the minerals from well water can be really hard on your endocrine system (digestive system) and can cause health problems over time.

Water Filtration Systems

As a general rule, filtering the water before you drink it is always a good idea, whether you trust the water from your faucet or not. This is because there are always going to be repairs made to our main water pipelines that can allow contaminant in and due to the fact that your plumbing or pipes in your home can become contaminated.

There are easy systems you can install yourself that will filter your water directly at the faucet, pitchers with filters where you make and store a few gallons at a time, or whole house filtration systems for every faucet.

Chandler water filters can be expensive, that’s why in the long run you are probably better off getting a whole house or under counter Chandler water filtration system installed by a professional. The cost is spent up front with very little to purchase down the line and you won’t have to mess with the system nearly as often.

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