Red Flags That Mean You Need Repiping

Red Flags That Mean You Need Repiping

The problem with certain home improvement projects is that the need doesn't always make itself known, at least not before causing serious damage. Do you need repiping?

Some signs are obvious while others are more subtle. Yet, if you do not catch it in time, you are going to end up with some serious resulting damages.

Is Your Home a Candidate for Repiping?

Monitor your plumbing for these red flags, and call in a plumber for a professional analysis if you notice any of the following:

Notice a discoloration in your water? Water that has a brownish or reddish tint to it usually is an indicator that the pipes are corroded. As the metal flakes off the corroded pipes it ends up in the water – water that you bathe in and consume.

If the water pressure becomes lower than normal or unbalanced, you should have your pipes looked at for repiping. Corrosion buildup impacts the interior of the pipes, affecting the water output or flow. You will mainly notice this with your showers and sinks.

Once your pipes begin to rattle, or make any type of detectable noise, it's time to call in a plumbing expert. Your plumbing system is designed to operate quietly. So if you can hear it making noise, something is definitely wrong.

The temperature of your water should remain the same. If you suddenly notice scalding water or extreme fluctuations, this is a big red flag. The hot water lines begin to corrode faster than the cold. Unfortunately, that often results in debris ending up lodged in the anti-scalding device, warranting it incapable of doing its job.

Leaks can be a sign of the need to repipe, but often get overlooked. The leak gets fixed and forgotten, until another and another and another spring up. Frequent leaks are often a sign that the pipes are deteriorating and need to be replaced, not just repaired as they leak.

Seek Professional Help

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