Choosing the Best Underground Irrigation System in Chandler

Chandler Irrigation SystemsFrom earliest days in arid climates, irrigation has been a priority in the ability to provide for a community’s survival. Some communities developed elaborate ditch systems to reach not only house lawns, but crops in the fields.

In those early days, flood irrigation was common place. Simply flood the entire surface where grass or crops were growing. This was a wasteful and labor intensive approach and thankfully is not the norm today. With population growth and water conservation consciousness, an underground irrigation system provides the most versatility and the best use of water in arid places. Choosing the right system takes preparation and forethought.

An essential step to choosing the right underground Chandler irrigation system from the many varieties on the market would be to consider where the water is to be used and what is to be watered. Whether it’s a garden, a planter or lawn there is a delivery system designed to do the job. An efficient system for a garden is a soaker hose and for a planter, the best use of water could be with a drip system. Each of these underground systems can be solenoid controlled to come on at a certain time.

Lawn underground irrigation systems have a large variety of possibilities. The are impact heads such as rainbirds or stream rotor heads or plain only spring loaded impact heads where the water pressure pushes them up.

When considering these options for sprinklers it is important to evaluate the water pressure available in deciding how many heads and what type of heads should be used. Another consideration would be the output of the head versus the misting quality of a head. In other words, it’s important to get the water on the grass, not misting and evaporating into the air. These are all factors to consider in choosing the best lawn sprinkler system.

All underground irrigation systems are not equal. There are some really proven brands on the market specializing in irrigation systems such as Rainbird, Orbitz, and Toro. Some make better clocks and some have great sprinklers or valves.

Consult a professional Chandler plumber to get the best recommendation. Oftentimes a supplier will design the system free of charge right down to the filters, backflow prevention, stations and everything. Those days of time-consuming ditch irrigation are gone. With the advantages and popularity of an underground irrigation system in Chandler, a person simply lets the clock do the watering.

Choosing the right system pays huge dividends in conservation, in water expense, and in time savings.

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